Magic in you…

Those who tried to find magic wand forgot that they are magic wand..


When you will look into Yourself you will find that you are a powerful being…

One morning i looked at myself in the mirror after i failed in my physics exam despite all my hard work…i wondered what the hell is wrong with me?? Why in the name of god i am such a loser?? I tried and cried,and wondered what would happen if i get magical powers… And then it dawned on me..

You become as you think..

Now what does this ‘think’ means??

It means,whatever it is you is inside you. You just have to look inside yourself…

Our thinking process affects our life in a great way.. and i am not saying this because i read in the books but i am saying after it changed my life in a beautiful sort of way. After i changed my thinking i became what i wanted to be.. now i always get what i want!!

You know, this universe and you are made up same material.. that’s right you and this universe are related. Whatever goes in your mind will shape up your life..

Until next time..BYE!!


Welcome to my world..

Hey, everyone! Myself Nagar..Gunjan Nagar.

Well,we are together in this journey.. that is we are on the same blog!!

I hope I can provide some magical tips or may I say, ways toward truth of life or whatever it is you are searching…You just have to look into yourself!!